Laminate is a multi-layered synthetic product, fused together in the lamination process. This type of flooring can accurately simulate almost everything – wood, stone, even photographs or scanned images of everything that you can imagine – by coating photographic layers with applications with a transparent protective layer. The inner layer usually consists of melamine resin and fiberboard.

  • Laminate floors are constantly gaining popularity. They were invented in Sweden in 1977 under the name “Pergo”and then arrived in North America in 1994. Due to its durability, natural hygiene, ease of installation and maintenance, laminated floors have become a cheap alternative to parquet, stone and tiles.
  • Glue-free laminate (laminate boards knocked down without gluing tongues and grooves) was invented in 1996, also in Sweden. Nevertheless, the system for joining the panels was developed by a competing Belgian company and released a year later. The use of the good cheap laminating flooring is now here.
  • Laminate, as a rule, is packed on several tiles, which can be pressed into each other.

It is vitally important to keep the laminate clean. Dirt and other particles can scratch the surface in places of mass congestion. It is also necessary to keep the laminate dry, as stagnant water can cause deformation or swelling of the laminate, although some brands are made with a waterproof coating. Protective caps on the legs of furniture also protect the laminate coating.

To facilitate your task and simplify the cleaning of the house, we decided to collect the best household. In this post you will find budget ideas for replacing expensive detergents, and even learn how to extend life to your favorite things and easily get rid of stubborn stains.

All in express mode

Everything with you

A small plastic box is an indispensable assistant during the spring cleaning. It will save you from having to walk from room to room with the detergents left. Put them in a box and carry it with you. A well trained part time cleaner is important here.

Full order

To simplify and speed up household cleaning, put things in order in the kitchen cabinet, where you store detergents. Hang the hooks for rubber gloves; carefully fold up the rags and brushes – now you will be much easier to find everything you need.

In the fight against greasy stains, use folk remedies – for example, alcohol or soap solution. Be sure: they will cope no worse than an expensive purifier. Simply moisten the sponge and boldly go on the offensive.

Clever disguise

Did you lose your favorite leather chair? Rest with shopping, because the shoe polish is the perfect remedy for scratches and abrasions. Just do not forget to let it dry.