When choosing fabrics for curtains, it is important to remember that in certain lighting and in combination with different colors of decoration, textiles will behave differently. Therefore, to begin with, select in the cabin several samples of suitable tissues and take the final decision already on the site.

  • You can also choose textiles in the process of rough repair, if there are samples of finishing materials on the site: floor covering, wallpaper and furniture finishes. For the best curtains in Singapore you will need the best options now.
  • When choosing textiles, one should pay attention to its practicality in application and further care. For example, natural fabrics have shrinkage properties, so it is worthwhile to provide an additional stock to the height of the product.
  • Virtually all fabrics tend to burn out in the sun, so the lining is a compulsory part of the drapes. Synthetic fabrics are less whimsical in grooming than natural ones, so keeping them in perfect condition is easier.

Treatment for Jaundice

At various kinds of jaundice in national medicine of the countries of South East Europe the following phytotherapeutic agents are applied:

50 g of the root of the root of the thorn, add water (0.75 l), simmer over a low heat to a volume of 0.5 l. Take 1 glass 3 times daily for half an hour before meals for 5 days. In the next 4 days, take a decoction of alder bark (20 g per 0.5 l of water) 2/3 cup 3 times daily before meals. There are more options that are good at  jaundice home treatment.

Mix 100 grams – roots of nettle and barberry, grass of basil and garden chabera, celery, walnut and lemon balm. 3 tablespoons of the ground mixture pour water (0.7 liters), simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.

Chilled broth strain, take 75 ml three times daily for half an hour before meals for 7-10 days.

Collection of 5 grams of peppermint leaves, sage herb and angelica roots, 4 grams of ivy leaves, budra grass, wormwood, dandelion roots, 3 g of herbs mill, pour 1 liter of water at room temperature, insist 5 hours, then heat on low heat to a boil. “Cool 15 minutes. Filter and take 1/3 cup 3 times daily before meals.

Collection in the composition of crushed yarrow, sweetheart, mountain shepherd, shepherd’s bag, leaves of birch, the roots of gentian pasta, 2 g of althea roots, leaves and petals of calendula, the flowers of the multi-leafed pourer are poured with water (1 L), insist 5 hours, boil for 5 minutes. And cool for 15 minutes. The filtered product is taken 2/3 cup 3 times a day before meals for 1 week.