What helps against mice? Are there any remedies for mice that can drive mice out of the body without a risk? If you are sure that you have mice in your own home, you should first keep calm and not rush into hustle and bustle.

Mice find their way into people’s homes mostly via cable ducts, cellar corridors or supply lines. The strong sense of smell makes it easy for mice to find even hidden supplies. The thoughtless storage of food and supplies thus favors a mouse affection as well as too careless handling of garbage.

Here you will find information and valuable tips on how to do mice removal and which home remedies for mice are suitable for preventively preventing immigration and the nesting of mice.

Means and tips against mice: what really helps!

What helps against mice? In order to be able to drive out mice, one should first find out how they were able to penetrate their own home at all and what specifically attracted them. The first step is therefore to eliminate possible damage and weak points such as masonry openings, open basement windows, etc.

When it comes to the question of what helps against mice, it is also about rethinking their own handling of food, supplies and waste. Objective: The food sources of mice must be removed. If you follow the following tips against mice, it should at least succeed in the future to drive out mice and prevent another infestation.

Mice evict: removal of building damage

Door columns – mice already meet minimum door cracks and wall holes to penetrate into the building: already pencil-thin holes of 6-7 mm ranging from mice to squeeze through. Therefore: In order to sell mice sustainably, doors should be equipped with so-called brush strips or door rubber lips.

Wall and ceiling openings – joints in areas of wall or ceiling openings between rooms and floors, especially for supply lines, should be sealed and sealed with suitable materials. Also tube cuffs can help here. Another means against mice is the sealing with suitable metal sheets, especially in wood wall and ceiling openings.

Shafts of lifts – Lift shafts may also be the reason for the spread of mice or rats. Rodents are excellent climbers and can even run up smooth walls In this way, mice spread over cables, risers, etc. at lightning speed throughout the building. The field of drive motors in lift shafts often offers mice a relatively undisturbed area for nesting.

Other – There are other ways mice invade the building. A tree approaching the building can be just as much the cause as affected goods deliveries.